NHIS comprises the lower primary, upper primary, lower secondary and upper secondary.

The lower primary comprises the crèche, pre-nursery, nursery nd preparatory classes- years 1 and 2.

The upper primary comprises years 3,4,5 and 6. The lower secondary is made up of years 7, 8 and 9 and the senior secondary, years 10,11 and 12.

Each section is coordinated by highly qualified, experienced, godly and dedicated staff.

Our students are taught to eat whatever is provided by the school without picking and choosing.

Exceptions are made in case of allergies and in special circumstances.

We have a visiting day every third Saturday of the month, between 2 -5pm.

We expect that parents and guardians seize the opportunity to offer emotional and parental support to their children or wards and cross-check their academic work.

Parents should be moderate in the food and drink they bring for their children/wards. Parents and guardians will not be allowed to visit their children/wards on days other than visiting day, except in exceptional cases.


Parents and guardians have the opportunity to communicate with their children's teachers on their performances. This comes up on the first day of the mid-term break.


The school closes on all national public holidays, if they fall within the school calendar. Boarding students are however not allowed to go home during these holidays.